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The “God Debate”

The “God Debate” is big at colleges and in the media, especially with the publication of such bestsellers as Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion and Christopher Hitchens’ God Is Not […]

Pell Grants and Rising Tuitions

Pell Grants are government funds issued to students in financial need to help cover their cost of a college education. The government has lately been pumping lots of money into […]

China poised to take lead in supercomputing

There’s a cool website called “Top 500” that keeps track of the 500 top supercomputers in the world. For some years now the U.S. has captured the top spot. That’s […]

Can Homeschooling Be a Handicap?

Homeschooling a handicap? Yes, if it prejudices a university selection committee against your acceptance. The homeschooled student may have had a better education, but in today’s cultural climate, that may […]

Ten Reasons You May Not Need a Degree

Do you need a degree? The question isn’t whether somebody else needs a degree, but whether you do. It’s your time, your life. Let’s evaluate the opportunities in a practical […]

Off-Campus Living for Non-Dummies

Today, students commonly save money by living off campus, even during the first year (27%). The US Department of Education advises that about 30% of approximately 18,000,000 students live off […]

The Gender Gap In Higher Education

Recent years have seen a key global change in higher education. Girls are enrolling and graduating at higher rates, and guys are not keeping up. This is apparently a worldwide […]

Is College Worth the Investment?

At SuperScholar, we encourage the love of learning and seeing education as more than a commodity. But if education is for you only a commodity — in other words, if […]