Richard Hamming on Becoming a Great Scholar

Richard Hamming’s famous talk titled “You and Your Research” is widely available on the web (click here for pdf version and html version). It’s also quite long. Below are some […]

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

If you were going to die in a few months and had to compress your best thoughts about life and what makes it worth living into a single lecture, what […]

The Waste Called University Life?

Just as health care needs reform and overhaul, so does the college and university system. Inertia being what it is, don’t expect far-reaching educational reform too soon, but the sense […]

The Future of Secular Humanism

Although card-carrying secular humanists are few, secular humanism has been enormously influential in American culture and, particularly, in American education. For this reason, SuperScholar decided to cover the recent conference […]

Tenure a thing of the past?

Tenure, a lifetime faculty appointment at a college or university, is still a fixture of higher education, but it is increasingly coming under pressure. Many still think it’s the way […]

Repeal Drug Laws?

Drug usage is a big issue on many campuses. It’s also a big topic of discussion. Some favor tougher laws and enforcement. Here’s an interesting video in which Judge Jim […]

Think your tuition is going up?

In the U.S. tuitions have tended to rise 5 to 7 percent a year. There’s a big uproar in the U.K. right now over rising tuitions, which are going up […]

Changing the Way of Education?

Here’s a YouTube clip from Cognitive Media, a UK-based group, that seems intent on reforming U.S. education: Lots of accusations of what’s wrong, some gestures at needed changes, but no […]