The agricultural farmer is the one responsible for the production and marketing of the food of every country. The specific nature of work of each agricultural farmer depends according to the type of farming. For instance, in livestock farming, the farmer is mainly responsible for taking care of animals and the daily tasks include planning and controlling pastures. In crop farming, farmers prepare and fertilize the soil, make sure crops are protected against diseases, and harvest ready crops for processing and marketing. Products that are usually processed and marketed are meat, dairy products, and wool. An agricultural farmer can also be an employer who employs laborers according to the size of his or her farm.

To be an agricultural farmer, one must have a passion for working outdoors and be very physically fit as the work may include manual labor. A farmer must also be knowledgeable on legislation that regulates labor relations. He or she must also be a good leader and have good interpersonal skills to be able to manage people or work with other farmers well. Discipline and perseverance are also necessary traits especially in the case of natural disasters.

In terms of education, there are no specific education requirements to being an agricultural manager but having taken some related courses such as biology and agriculture will be very beneficial. Having previous farming experience will also be an advantage. The salary of an agricultural farmer depends on his or her experience, the size and profitability of a farm, and level of responsibility.