A bison rancher works at a ranch that breeds bisons, which can be either a specialized ranch or a more general one which includes bisons in its range of animals. The bison rancher is responsible for the all-day care of the animals, including feeding and washing them, and adjusting the conditions to make them as suitable as possible for their breeding. The bison rancher must also provide medical assistance to the animals until the authorities have arrived, which can often include some complicated medical procedures.

Becoming a bison rancher requires a high school diploma, as well as good knowledge of working with animals in general. A candidate will often be required to have passed some basic medical education related to animals, as well as be familiar with the bison’s breeding habits and specific habitat needs. Since the bison rancher is usually directly responsible for the preparation of the animals’ food, he/she needs to have good hygiene habits and extensive knowledge of the specific breed’s nutrition needs. A bison rancher will sometimes be required to operate heavy-duty machinery as part of the food production/harvesting process, and in those cases a special license may be required.

Bison ranchers’ income depends strictly on the size of the ranch, as well as their ownership over it (e.g. if it’s leased or owned by the rancher himself). A medium-sized ranch can earn a net income of between $55,000 – $70,000 and even higher if the stock well-bred. Private ownership doesn’t necessarily increase the figure, as sometimes leasing a ranch can prove to be more budget-efficient.