A butcher works in stores that sell meat, either exclusively (a Butcher’s shop), or as part of a large retail store. The butcher is responsible for processing the meat for customer use, which requires a variety of operations depending on the meat involved – a butcher must cut, grind and the meat properly, and split it into portions to be put up on display. Sometimes a butcher will specialize in one type of meat, such as fish. A butcher may either prepare the meat beforehand, or await the customer’s instructions on how they want it cut and processed, with the latter being more common in specialized Butcher’s shops.

Butchers always learn their job as they practice it, initially just observing the more experienced butchers working at their store, and later on participating in the cutting themselves. In most cases, a butcher will be required to present a high school diploma in the least. Butchers must also display flawless hygiene skills, which includes proper self-grooming to prevent incidents like falling hair, etc. Butchers must also be highly responsible with dangerous equipment, which often involves some heavy-duty meat cutting machines that pose a serious life hazard.

A butcher’s salary can vary between $25,000 and $55,000, depending on the conditions they work in and their prior experience. A butcher’s working knowledge can play a huge role in determining their salary, and more experienced ones can easily find employment with starting salaries of around $40,000 and upwards. Usually, continuous employment at a single company will also yield great improvements in the butcher’s compensation.