A dairy farmer is a farmer who specializes in breeding cows and supplies milk to various entities in the food industry, mainly manufacturers of milk and milk-based products. Dairy farmers traditionally own small-sized farms which are passed down as inheritance, though there are some large-scale farms operating in various places owned by major corporations – in these cases, farmers function more as supervisors and technical assistants to the workers of the farm and report to the farm’s owners as their superiors. The dairy farmer is responsible for the all-around well-being of cows, from feeind them to keeping them free of diseases and pests.

Various colleges offer specialized education for farmers, which covers most of the important aspects of the trade such as the primary machines and tools involved, as well as basic management skills. However, traditionally good farmers come from farmer families and the trade tends to be passed won in the same manner as farms themselves. Thus, a candidate who has a background of growing up on a farm has a much higher chance at getting employed at a large farm.

A dairy farmer can earn very well when they own their farm, and it’s not rare for their earnings to go over $70,000 annually. On the other hand, farmers who work as assistants on other people’s farms earn noticeably less, with salaries of between $30,000 – $40,000 being the most common. There aren’t any good prospects for future career development either, making the job a rather unattractive one to most.