A grader and sorter of agricultural products work in the agricultural sector (as the title of the job implies) and is tasked with filtering the bad products from the good ones in any set of produce. This involves throwing out the defective and/or damaged products, separating the good ones and arranging them in baskets to be shipped for further production. Sometimes, the grader/sorter may also be tasked with some extra duties, such as removing leaves from a specific fruit or vegetable, though in most cases these tasks will be handed to those in the processing department.

The job of a grader and sorter of agricultural products is mostly a manual labor one and doesn’t hold any high educational requirements. A high school diploma is enough to get hired in most places, and a candidate will most likely be asked to undergo a specialized training course before being accepted to the position – though those courses are commonly offered by the employers themselves, where they take the opportunity to evaluate their potential employees’ performance and filter out those who’re not fit for the job.

Graders and sorters of agricultural products earn comparatively little – between $14,000 and $26,000. The job can come with some long working hours attached to it as well, further making it an unattractive choice. However, the low qualifications required for it and the relatively easy nature of the work can make it a very popular choice among those looking for unskilled labor.