A poultry cutter is a type of meat cutter and processing worker who works on a poultry farm, and is tasked with the cutting of the meat. Poultry cutters are usually tasked with a particular part of the cutting process on larger farms – e.g. one group of cutters handles the initial cutting, others do the finer elements – while smaller farms usually have workers going through the whole ordeal. Poultry cutters must also organize the meat in appropriate containers which are then sent out to the storage of the farm.

Becoming a poultry cutter is mostly about experience and knowledge of the job’s specifics. It doesn’t require any higher qualification than a high school diploma, though some farms may require their candidates to have worked in the industry before in order to be at least slightly familiar with the whole process. The job can be very demanding as the workload tends to grow a lot in some seasons, and in these times it can become somewhat hazardous to health as it becomes prone to worker accidents.

A poultry cutter’s salary is usually in the lower ranges, typically between $18,000 – $30,000. The job has some good health benefits associated with it, on the other hand, plus its working hours can be made very flexible depending on the employer in question. Still, not many people feel attracted to the job in general, as most see the job of a butcher as a more rewarding one for utilizing the same skillset, and aim themselves in that direction.