A rancher is someone who works on a ranch and is responsible for the livestock being bred at that ranch. The specific duties of the rancher can be quite different as ranches differ themselves, but they’re typically tasked with feeding and taking care of the animals, and then collecting their products in order for the ranch to profit – e.g. milking cows, collecting eggs from hens. Ranchers are commonly closely related to local vendors who help them distribute their products for a share of the profits.

Even though in modern times it’s possible to obtain a degree related to a rancher’s job, it doesn’t do much to provide real experience to candidates, which is actually what matters for most employers – thus, in order for a candidate to have good chances at finding a job as a rancher, they need to learn the techniques involved in the job which can only happen during actual employment. Many ranches have training programs for newcomers before they’re allowed to work on the actual ranch.

A rancher’s earnings can vary quite a lot depending on the size of the ranch and the specific position occupied by the rancher. Typically, the average annual salary ranges between $32,000 – $75,000, but some ranchers who own their own ranches are able to pull in significantly more thanks to the greater profits the ranch earns. Additionally, ranchers may earn extra profits from auxiliary services they provide to other parties, though this isn’t so common due to the nature of a ranch’s operation.