A soy farmer’s job duties are mostly similar to those attached to the jobs of other farmers – they’re responsible for operating the farm in general, maintaining the crops, watering them and protecting them against pests and other types of harm. Additionally, soy farmers must cultivate crops and pick out the ones that grow well, in order to be able to develop a good harvest and improve their yield and the quality of their soy produce. Soy farmers are also required to operate a variety of machines involved in the job.

Becoming a soy farmer is similar to what most other farmers go through to get their jobs – one must be generally skilled working on a farm to be a successful soy farmer, and the job involves a great deal of patience and specific knowledge of growing crops and coping with the weather and other conditions. Soy farmers may either work on their own on small-scaled farms, or hire additional workers as the farm grows and requires additional attention.

Soy farmers can earn a varied amount of money, depending on the size of the farm and its produce – in most cases, a soy farmer would see a salary of between $20,000 – $43,000, though this can be considerably higher in some circumstances, e.g. owning the farm or being highly qualified and performing a number of tasks on it regularly. Good soy farmers can usually earn themselves quite a good living, though the job can be very difficult to advance in as well, which tends to compensate for the easy lifestyle later on.