A musician is anybody who plays an instrument or performs music in another way professionally. The job of a musician is one of the oldest ones, and one of the most varied ones as well – musicians can choose to perform a huge variety of instruments and engage in different styles. Musicians may work alone or together in bands, each member specializing in a particular instrument (or particular type of vocals). Even though most musicians aren’t that concerned with the revenue they’re generating from their work, some are able to reach a lot of success in their performances.

Becoming a musician typically involves performing from a very young age. Most musicians display some interest in their instrument or musical style from their high school years, and are usually able to build strong skills very early. On the other hand, it’s not rare for musicians to be “late bloomers” as well, and only realize their skills and potential at a later stage in their lives. In both cases, the job offers a lot of room for development and reaching high grounds.

The salary of a musician is difficult to specify, because all musicians tend to earn very differently, and the salary changes both with the musical style and instrument performed, as well as the location where one practices the job at. Generally, musicians who’re just starting out can look forward to a salary of between $20,000 – $45,000, while more successful ones are easily able to score millions in a single year, when their bands manage to find a large enough crowd