An oboist is a musician who specializes in playing the oboe – a woodwind instrument particularly popular in the area of classical music. Even though the oboe isn’t that popular as an instrument in itself, its practitioners can still climb to respectable heights in their fame and popularity if they’re good enough, especially if they manage to secure jobs in renowned orchestras. Oboists rarely practice alone due to the nature of the instrument, though there are some exceptions. Additionally, the oboe is sometimes used outside of classical music as well.

Getting to be a good oboist takes a lot of time and patience. Most oboists show interest in the instrument from an early age, though not all the successful oboists start with that instrument in particular – in some cases, they may start off with a different one, building up one’s musical interest and taste in general. Renowned orchestras usually require several years of experience from candidates for oboists in their lines, though they also tend to pay quite well too.

An oboist’s salary can vary greatly depending on the rankings of the orchestra that employs them – in most cases, it would be between $31,000 – $50,000 for those who’re just starting out and haven’t built up a lot of experience yet, and it can go well over $100,000 a year for the more experienced ones who’re able to secure positions at renowned orchestras which pay well. The job is additionally very flexible in its applications and those who practice the oboe generally enjoy a varied career.