An opera singer is a singer who performs in the opera. The job is considered to be one of the most refined and renowned forms of singing, and successful opera singers usually gain worldwide fame and become extremely popular. Opera singers can be found from all ethnicities and genders, and both males and females usually have a lot to show on the scene in terms of voice qualities. Opera singers are rarely associated with a particular orchestra or even act, as they usually build their fame on their own name and merits.

Getting to be a good opera singer takes years of practice and a lot of patience. The ability to control one’s voice perfectly is the most important thing in the job of an opera singer, and good practitioners usually start practicing from an early age – though after puberty, in order to avoid any changes in their voice ruining the ordeal. An opera singer must also lead a somewhat limited lifestyle, avoiding various substances that can affect their voice negatively, and in general taking a good care of their throat.

An opera singer can earn varied amounts of money, depending primarily on their skills and experience – as with most other jobs in the creative field. Typically, beginner opera singers with good voice qualities can easily earn between $50,000 – $100,000 a year, while the more experienced ones who’ve built up enough fame and have been on the scene for a while can see even greater salaries, going up to $200,000 a year – in some cases even more.