A painter is an artist who works with paints to works of visual art. Typically, a painter would work on paintings and other similar projects, but they may also work on more abstract projects as well, such as large-scale paintings spanning entire buildings and other similar ordeals that may require a lot of artistic effort and attention. A painter will most commonly work alone – even though there are cases where painters have worked together in teams, it’s just not in the particular style of the job to work that well with outside interference.

Becoming a painter rarely requires any specific education. Even though there are various courses related to the trade offered at universities and colleges, the most important skills and knowledge required to practice it properly can only be attained through experience. Many successful painters start out at an early age and get acquainted with the idea of painting on a higher degree – in some cases, painters are actually able to find success from a very early age.

It’s not easy to pinpoint a specific salary range for painters, as the job can pay quite differently depending on the circumstances, as with most other positions in the creative field. In general, painters stand to earn between $30,000 – $50,000 a year, depending mostly on the frequency of their work as well as its quality, though in some cases the salary can go higher than $100,000 a year, in cases of long-standing good work and otherwise positive feedback for the painter.