A pop musician is a general term for a musician who specializes in the field of pop (popular) music. A pop musician would typically perform instruments like the guitar, drums or vocals, and will give equal emphasis to the visuals of their performance as much as their sound. That is to say, most pop musicians tend to look very flashy and attractive, while also providing a good musical performance. Pop musicians are almost always members of a band, though there are some exceptions of people who’ve managed to pull through the industry and climb to the top rankings mostly on their own.

Getting to be a pop musician is mostly about practice, as with other music-related jobs. Contrary to popular belief, pop musicians tend to put as much effort into their training as most other types of musicians, despite many people considering their music to be of a more simplistic nature. Most pop musicians usually display interest in the art from an early age, in many cases being fascinated with other pop musicians of their own and growing out of a particular style until they’ve developed their own.

Pop musicians earn different salaries depending on their level of fame and popularity, which is common for most positions in the entertainment industry. The ones who’re just starting out can typically realize a salary of between $25,000 – $74,000, most commonly in the higher ranges. Those who’ve got a good potential usually see it realized quickly and manage to climb to the well-paying positions fast enough.