A rap musician is a musical performer who works in the area of rap music. The diversity of styles incorporated into that genre of music has lead to a huge growth in its popularity, both in commercial as well as non-commercial terms – nowadays, rap music is one of the most recognized genres worldwide and popular rap musicians are enjoying a good amount of work. Some rap musicians form groups, though lately this has been becoming less common, with most performers choosing to work on their own terms.

Becoming a rap musician is similar to most other types of musicians – practice and experience are the primary deciding factors for one’s success, so in order to attain a sufficient level of fame, a rap musician needs to practice on a constant basis and explore new areas of the music. Rap music sees a constant battle between the commercial and non-commercial side, even though financial success can be attained at both – so it’s important to choose one’s style well before engaging deeper into the musical scene.

Rap musicians’ salaries vary considerably – those who’re just starting out in the industry usually see about $20,000 – $40,000 a year if they’re moderately successful, while some of the most renowned performers earn well over $100,000 a year, plus various othe profits they owe to their success. A rap musician typically needs to accustom their style to the current trends in order to remain popular and be able to keep their ranks, and some are able to retain a high level of fame for long years.