A recreation worker is hired by recreational facilities to provide various services related to the operations of that facility, mostly in order to ensure that clients get to spend their time properly. A recreation worker may be hired by facilities related to music, dancing, singing, arts, sports and various other games and activities, and usually try to assist clients and help them experience the services of that facility as fully as possible. Additionally, a recreation worker may be hired to organize an event at a specified location, like a company’s office building.

Getting a job as a recreation worker only takes a high school diploma and no previous working experience. The job doesn’t have some heavy demands attached to it, and in most cases is easy to practice – the only difficulty usually arises in cases of more physically demanding jobs, such as recreation workers employed by gyms and other sports facilities – though these jobs usually have physical fitness as part of their standard requirements.

Recreation workers don’t earn very highly by most standards, securing an annual salary of between $18,000 – $33,000. The job is mostly seen as a temporary one or an auxiliary source of income, which is further attributed to by its flexible working hours which allow it to be fitted into pretty much any schedule and working time. Additionally, recreation workers tend to enjoy some moderately good bonuses associated with their jobs as well.