A rock musician is a general term for a person who performs rock music professionally. The specific genre of rock music involves a variety of instruments – from guitars and drums to some more extravagant ones – giving a great degree of freedom to rock musicians in their specialization. Rock music recognizes vocals very well too, and in general, it’s a scene where all kinds of talents are able to shine. Rock musicians almost always perform in bands due to the specific nature of the genre.

Becoming a rock musician mostly involves practice, similarly to other jobs in the music industry. Many rock musicians show interest in the style from an early age, and it’s not uncommon for them to perform in amateur bands in their early years. Learning an instrument well is a rock musician’s most important asset, and the job can be quite rewarding to those who’re able to balance their fame and success with their ability to stay creative and not resort to clichéd techniques they’ve tried before.

The earning potential of a rock musician isn’t easy to specify, as with most other jobs in the entertainment industry. There are a large number of variables attached, mostly related to the musician’s experience and level of fame. Typically, musicians who’re just starting out can realize a salary of between $20,000 – $50,000 a year, while well-known superstars can easily earn millions in the same timespan. Building up experience and fame is the most important factor for a rock musician.