A rock singer is a type of rock musician who specializes in providing vocals for the band they perform in. Rock singers typically work on their own within their respective bands, though in some cases they may work in duos or even larger groups. Additionally, some rock singers may only provide background vocals to the band. Rock singers rarely work on their own due to the need for additional members to play other instruments. Rock singers usually find employment in a variety of styles easily and are able to switch bands without much difficulty.

Becoming a rock singer isn’t different from the path followed by most other musicians – a person must hone their singing skills from an early age to get hired as one, and most rock singers typically show interest in the music from early on their lives. The specifics of rock music also dictate some harsh practice procedures, and getting the proper voice required for good rock singing can be a very challenging task and easily discouraging to many people.

Rock singers, similarly to other rock musicians and people in the entertainment industry as a whole, have quite varied salaries. In general, beginners earn between $15,000 – $35,000 a year, in some cases more depending on several factors (involving a lot of luck). Professional rock singers with a lot of experience can easily realize large annual salaries, going well over $100,000. The job does have some heavy demands attached to it though, and it isn’t as easy as the general public believes.