A saxophonist is a type of musician who specializes in playing the saxophone for a living. This particular instrument finds a lot of applications in various musical genres, and is most prominent in the jazz scene from the contemporary ones. Saxophonists tend to be members of bands, and rarely play on their own – on the other hand, their fans tend to recognize their particular talents very strongly and saxophonists have a good potential for becoming successful in their field.

Becoming a good saxophonist is similar to the path taken by most other musicians – a candidate must typically show interest in the instrument from an early age. Many successful saxophonists have gone through amateur bands at various points of their careers, until they’ve built up enough experience to play with a better-known band or even establish their own. A saxophonist generally has good potential for developing their career, and it’s very easy to find employment if one is skilled and experienced enough – as well as willing to change their style and adapt to a band’s flow.

A saxophonist’s salary can vary quite a lot depending on their success and employment. Those who’re just starting out can typically be paid to play at smaller venues on a one-time basis, earning about $20,000 – $30,000 a year in most cases. More experienced and renowned saxophonists can earn significantly more, and those who manage to climb to the top of the fame ladder can see some truly staggering amounts of income on an annual basis – going well over $100,000.