A sculptor is a visual artist who engages in the practice of sculpting professionally. The job involves shaping various materials into sculptures which are then sold on, or designed specifically for a client’s needs. Sculptors can work in a variety of styles, but the most common one is depicting humans, usually for statues and busts, though many sculptors also choose to engage in more varied activities related to utilizing their skills. A sculptor almost always works on their own as the job isn’t particularly suitable for teamwork.

Becoming a sculptor is similar to the path taken by most other people who wish to get into the arts scene – one must build up sufficient experience and knowledge of the art so that they can accumulate fame, and from then on start getting access to better and more regular projects. A good sculptor can usually find great success through just one or two of their works which become their most renowned pieces, and from then on receive increased attention towards all their work.

A sculptor’s annual income can vary quite a lot depending on their skills and knowledge, as well as their style. It’s also influenced by the employment the sculptor has taken up – those who work for private clients can typically earn between $22,000 – $57,000 a year, and even though this income is guaranteed and stable it still limits a good sculptor who may otherwise earn well over $100,000 a year if they worked on their own and distributed their works to galleries and similar venues.