A sound technician is the assistant of sound engineers, providing them with various technical services and ensuring the smooth operation of all the equipment related to the job of an audio engineer. Audio technicians perform their jobs by ensuring that everything is connected properly, that the volume levels are adjusted to the correct degrees, and that the software running the equipment is set up in order. Usually, several sound technicians assist the work of one sound engineer, though some setups may require an even larger number of technicians for optimum efficiency.

The job of a sound technician is easier to obtain than a sound engineer’s, though it’s still somewhat challenging in terms of educational requirements. A sound engineer needs a degree related to sound engineering, and though usually a Bachelor’s enough to get hired, some companies may require a Master’s degree from their candidates for this position, especially when some more complicated projects are involved.

Sound technicians earn between $25,000 – $55,000 a year, unlike sound engineers whose salary tends to be noticeably higher. A sound technician doesn’t have many good prospects for career advancement either, though the job can be very flexible in its working hours and other conditions, similarly to that of a sound engineer. Additionally, good sound technicians may sometimes see themselves promoted, though this isn’t a regular occurrence and mostly depends on one’s luck. Other than that, the job is mostly “stationary” and without many developments.