Trombonists are musicians who play the trombone professionally. The job is very popular in orchestras and parades, as the trombone sees a great deal of use in such events, and is in general a very common instrument in the musical world. A trombonist will rarely play alongside other trombonists as the instrument tends to be very pronounced and doesn’t need the additional emphasis provided by adding more instruments to the arrangement. Trombonists typically play their instrument along with other instruments though.

To work as a trombonist – and be successful at it – one needs to build up enough experience in playing the instrument in order to be allowed into some renowned orchestras and other employers that work with trombonists. Good trombonists would usually see a quick advancement in their career prospects, as they would usually be noticed relatively quickly and will be assisted by more experienced musicians in progressing with their skills.

The job of a trombonist pays moderately well with regards to most jobs in the music industry – with an average annual salary of $23,000 – $61,000, it’s one of the better career choices for those who’d like to utilize their musical skills for something lucrative. Those figures are only indicative of the lower ranges of the employment field though, as more experienced and renowned trombonists can easily find better, higher-paid jobs that can serve them very well for a long time and open up various additional prospects to the trombonist.