A video editor works at a film studio or another type of company that works with video material on a regular basis. The job of the video editor is to process raw video footage, cutting and editing it in a variety of ways to meet the needs of their employer, typically preparing the video to be aired to the public. Video editors may be hired to perform simple, trivial tasks like rearranging the scenes in a film, or for more complicated ones such as applying special effects and creating otherwise complex visuals.

To get hired as a video editor, a Bachelor’s degree in the field is preferred in most cases – though it’s certainly also possible to get a job as one without having any formal education beforehand; it takes considerably more experience and non-professional qualifications though. Typically, a good, long portfolio would be a video editor’s best asset when it comes to securing good employment prospects for themselves, as most employers are interested in directly seeing what a candidate is capable of.

The job of a video editor can earn a good salary, though in some cases it may not be enough to compensate the effort required to practice it properly. Video editors commonly receive between $50,000 – $65,000 for their jobs, and there aren’t many bonuses and benefits typically attached to the salary. The working hours’ flexibility is disputable, as on one hand they can be adjusted very neatly by the editor him/herself, while on the other hand the job can be very demanding during peak periods.