Video operators are professionals who work with video cameras on various graphical productions, and operate the camera equipment. The job is also commonly known as a camera operator, and it’s one of the most popular jobs within the entertainment industry. Video operators can easily find employment in a variety of environments, from filming in television studios to working on actual movie sets, and it mostly depends on a candidate’s level of expertise and knowledge.

To get hired as a video operator, one must display a high level of aptitude in working with a video camera – something which is typically acquired through long years of practice. Good video operators are additionally well-versed in working with different types of cameras, as well as other equipment commonly found on a filming set. In some cases, the video camera operator may also be tasked with some editing jobs, making it important for them to be skilled in this aspect of video production as well – especially in today’s competitive market.

A video operator stands to earn between $30,000 – $57,000 in most cases, with the salary being affected primarily by the place of employment and the skills of the operator in question. It’s not uncommon for skilled, knowledgeable video operators to be picked up by renowned studios where they’re enabled to earn significantly more than the market average, though this depends on one’s ability to develop their skills and subsequently find the appropriate employment for themselves.