A viola player is a type of musician who plays the viola professionally. The viola is an instrument in the violin family, providing mid-range tones, and its sounds are typically somewhere between the regular violin and the cello in strength. Viola players are employed by orchestras and other common types of organizations/bands that utilize the sounds of the violin and its related instruments – in recent times, it has seen its use in some more contemporary styles of music and is becoming increasingly more popular.

Becoming a viola player isn’t difficult from the path followed by most other types of musicians – it usually starts with an early interest in the instrument – many successful viola players have been practicing since their young years – and in some cases continues with formal education at a musical school. Viola players who’re skilled enough often become highly renowned and sought after eventually, making the job a very attractive choice for those seeking lucrative employment and good prospects.

The salary for a viola player is varied and is highly dependent on the skills of the player as well as where they’re employed at – those who’ve been playing the instrument for a long time can usually find good employment quickly, and earn a starting salary of between $25,000 – $65,000. On the other hand, those who’re more skilled can easily realize much higher salaries, going over $100,000 in many cases, as long as they’re able to secure proper employment for themselves and allocate the right place to develop their skills.