A violinist is a type of professional musician who plays the violin – an instrument quite common and popular in classical music, though also employed in other fields and musical styles. The violin is one of the most commonly chosen instruments to learn and play, and it enjoys a great deal of popularity – likewise, violinists typically enjoy good employment opportunities and the job tends to be highly rewarding. Most violinists play in orchestras, though some take their skills and display them individually, becoming well-known for their own skills.

To become a violinist, one must play the instrument for a long time in order to gather strong experience and knowledge of its use, as well as learn the intricacies of playing it as best as possible. A good violinist would typically have a long line of experience related to playing the instrument, often having taken part in various orchestras and other arrangements in order to widen their vision and improve their style.

Violinists typically earn about as much as viola players, though the latter tend to have it a bit more difficult due to the nature of the job market and the relative unpopularity of the position. Violinists can find employment slightly more easily than viola players, and it’s not uncommon for a good violinist to be highly sought after if they’ve been able to build their public profile well enough. Violinists can additionally find more diverse types of employment, as various employers are willing to take on violin players, not just orchestras.