An avionics mechanic is a technician that specializes in the field of aircraft. Avionics mechanics can find employment in various fields related to flight, such as working on airplanes, spacecraft and even more advanced technology such as missiles. Their tasks are similar to those of other technicians in general, being responsible for the constant maintenance of a given machine or system, identifying and repairing any problems and making sure the aircraft is in good operating condition. An avionics mechanic frequently works with high-end technology and electronics, as aircraft (especially spacecraft) use lots of complicated electronic systems for guidance and control. An avionics mechanic may sometimes be required to verify the work done by other mechanics on an aircraft as a precautionary measure.

An avionics mechanic must not only have a solid education and knowledge in general mechanics, but also specific education in relation to aircraft. One must also be very adept with computers in order to work as an avionics mechanic, and in some cases even skills like programming may be required. Since safety in aircraft is an extremely vital point, avionics mechanics undergo strict screening and control procedures before being accepted for work.

Avionics mechanics are traditionally paid highly due to the delicate nature of their work. Their median salary goes between $40,000 – $60,000 in most places around the world. Some of the more renowned companies may offer higher compensations, up to $80,000 for more challenging projects. The skills of the mechanic also affect their salary greatly.