The Chief Operations Officer (COO) is a position normally used in corporate company structures, though it’s not uncommon to see it in smaller-scale operations as well. The job of the COO is closely related to that of the CEO, CFO, as well as the other major officers in the company, and the COO’s main responsibility is to oversee and manage the company’s activities in a more immediate perspective – that is, providing short-term plans and actions. The COO is normally ranked lower than the company’s CEO, and they’re usually required to report directly to the CEO. Sometimes, a COO may be required to provide plans in longer terms as well.

A COO can usually attain their position more easily than a CEO or a CFO, as it holds fewer educational and background requirements. A degree in finances or economics is normally beneficial to candidates, as is prior experience with the company’s specific operations and business plans. A good COO must have strong leadership skills, and be able to build a competent and responsible team to handle the company’s important operations.

The position of a COO is among the highest-paid in any corporate structure, ranking alongside the CEO, CFO and the other officers in the company. The annual salary for COOs ranges between $320,000 – $566,000, and the median for 2009 was $421,000. The job holds many benefits and bonuses for long-time employees, making it one of the most attractive choices for ambitious and prosperous candidates – as well as creating a generally high demand for skilled COOs in the market.