A convention coordinator functions very similarly to convention planners, however there are some subtle differences between the two occupations. While a convention planner is primarily tasked with organizing the schedule for the event, arranging all the time slots and picking the location (where applicable), the convention coordinator works more closely with the personnel related to the event, and provides the role of a leader for their team. Convention coordinators also communicate with the various services employed by the convention, making sure they’re well organized inbetween.

Becoming a convention coordinator requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in most cases, though it’s becoming more and more common for employers to seek Master’s degrees from their candidates, especially in more developed organizations. In cases where the convention coordinator works as a freelancer, the primary deciding factor for their employment is their previous working experience, and most coordinators who’ve built a sufficient level of expertise usually end up getting hired by a company on a permanent contract basis.

Convention coordinators are not traditionally paid highly, with the annual salary for the job ranging between $29,000 – $46,000. Some larger conventions can earn their coordinators better salaries than the industry average, but the job still remains a low-paying one by most standards. Coordinators working permanently for a given company can earn better, with their annual salaries going up to $60,000 in some cases. Experience plays a large role in determining a coordinator’s chances for gaining such employment, as most companies expect a few years of prior experience before hiring candidates.