Conventions are a relatively new type of meeting, and they’ve spawned various new jobs on the job market, one of which is that of the convention planner – a person who’s hired by a convention center, mall, or other place which regularly hosts conventions, and is tasked with arranging the event properly, communicating with all the attendees, and overseeing safety measures during the course of the event. In some cases, convention planners aren’t employed by a convention center, but rather by a group which frequently performs conventions, and in those cases his/her job also includes scouting for appropriate locations and negotiating their lease.

A degree in management is usually highly beneficial to a candidate seeking employment as a convention planner, though it’s not a strict requirement in most cases. Good people skills and the ability to easily negotiate acceptable conditions for multiple parties are of great benefit to a convention planner, as well as a strong, organized character and the ability to handle complex events without missing out any important details.

Convention planners are paid slightly higher than convention coordinators on average, with annual salaries ranging between $40,000 – $59,000. The job is, however, still on the lower end of the payscale if other positions related to conventions are considered, and also involves more complexity and strain, making it a rather unattractive choice for most. This has lead to a high demand for the position lately, and some employers are willing to pay larger salaries to skilled convention planners, in some cases up to $80,000.