The job of an EEO specialist is a relatively new one on the job market, as the need to recognize equality in the working environment has only just recently arisen. EEO specialists are hired by companies to ensure that their recruitment policies are in line with their particular jurisdiction’s requirements, and that they aren’t under-representing a given demographic in any way in regards to their hiring practices. The EEO specialist examines the company’s policies and methods, and advises the board of directors on any changes that need to be implemented to ensure a smoother and more fair operation.

Becoming an EEO specialist requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in most cases, and it’s not rare for companies to seek candidates with Master’s degrees in more recent times. The accepted subjects are somewhat broad and diverse, but the most popular ones are related to human resources management and high-level management. Candidates must have an easy-going yet confident personality, and be able to correctly assess employee problems and provide appropriate solutions.

The EEO specialist at a company usually earns on par with the majority of its employees, though their salaries tend to be slightly higher on average. An EEO specialist can look forward to a salary of between $45,000 – $73,000 depending on the particular type of company involved, as well as the number of recruits the company receives. The salary of an EEO specialist is closely tied to their performance, and those who demonstrate a more dedicated attitude tend to be compensated noticeably better by the industry.