The welfare manager at a company is responsible for maintaining the welfare services and activities for that company’s employees. This includes a very wide range of duties, from arranging medical examinations and first aid, to broadening the company’s entertainment services by installing new accommodations and facilities. Employee welfare managers are also responsible for organizing social activities for the company’s employees, such as dance events or excursions. Additionally, the welfare manager must maintain a good working environment for the company’s employees, by making sure all the important facilities and services (like water, electricity and lighting) are functioning properly.

While a higher degree of education isn’t a strict requirement in most companies, it’s certainly of great benefit to candidates for the position, especially in a subject related to management or administration. Finance degrees are also acceptable, though not as likely to increase one’s chances as the ones mentioned above. Additionally, a strong, yet calm personality is required, as well as the ability to listen and evaluate problems properly.

An employee welfare manager can look forward to an annual salary of between $52,000 – $66,000. The job can be quite demanding in some aspects, as the number of things that the welfare manager needs to look out for in a company can grow very quickly and lead to substantially increased workloads on the welfare manager. In these cases, companies usually hire entire teams of employee welfare managers, though there’s still one who’s in charge.