An event coordinator, as the title implies, is responsible for organizing and supervising various types of events, mostly meetings and conventions. The job of an event coordinator allows them to work both on a self-employed basis (i.e. freelancing), or work on a contract basis for a company which frequently holds various events. The event coordinator is responsible for all aspects related to an event, from managing the budget to communicating with the providers of the different services that will be utilized. Additionally, the event coordinator functions as the primary channel of communication between the event’s organizers and its attendants.

Becoming an event coordinator requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in most cases, though the specific subject of the degree can vary greatly and there’s generally plenty of freedom in that aspect – degrees in subjects like marketing, management, public relations and finances are most commonly accepted, and in some cases having a degree related to the company’s subject of work is also beneficial to getting the job.

Despite the fact that the job can be quite demanding at times, it’s still not a very highly paying one by most standards. The annual salary ranges between $29,000 – $43,000, and the benefits attached to the job are somewhat scarce. On the other hand, it is regarded for its commonly flexible working hours, and this is one of the few benefits which manage to draw potential candidates to the position. Other than that, the influx of candidates for event coordinates has been rather low in recent years.