A helpdesk specialist is a type of customer support job which involves responding to customer complaints and requests for assistance, and providing quick and informative pieces of information on request. The job is often performed over a distance, such as over the telephone or an instant messenger, and in the most common scheme, the customer would call with their inquiry and request assistance, and the helpdesk specialist would look into their problem, go over a predetermined list of things to advise them with, and if they’re unable to assist the customer, transfer them to a higher level specialist.

To become a helpdesk specialist, one will normally have to be highly experienced with the services the company offers, as well as be able to quickly deduct logical solutions to problems. Knowledge on how to solve particular problems isn’t commonly required, as this information is often provided in a manual that newcomers are required to read and consult every time they’re unsure on how to proceed. Previous working experience in the company is often a bonus as well.

As a helpdesk specialist one can, paradoxically, earn more than their manager on average – the average annual salary for helpdesk specialists varies between $58,000 and $69,000, and the job is often more easy-going than that of the associated manager as well. On the other hand, there can be periods of extremely high workloads, depending on the place of employment, which can make the increased payment completely justified as the helpdesk specialist is subjected to a lot of stress.