A human resources assistant works in a company’s human resources department, providing auxiliary functions in order to assist the human resources manager(s). The job typically involves clerk-related duties, as well as giving basic technical support to the managers. In some cases, the human resources assistant could be tasked with some activities entirely, such as the management of the company’s employees (hiring and dismissing them, etc). The assistant would frequently have to collect important data about the company’s employees, such as their performance and personal notes, and help organize it in an accessible manner for future reference.

The requirements attached to the job of a human resources assistant are, understandably, lower than those of the manager. The job doesn’t even require a Bachelor’s degree in most cases, and a high school diploma can often be enough to get hired. Most of the skills required to perform the job are taught in the course of education, sometimes in specialized training courses provided before the actual employment begins.

The human resources assistant is one of the lowest-paid positions in the human resources department of any company, with a salary ranging from $26,000 to $39,000. The job can be very demanding at times as well, involving a variety of tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner while also keeping one’s mind focused on other manners. It’s common practice for companies to compensate HR assistants for any extra effort they’re required to put in, as the job can involve a lot of additional responsibilities in some cases.