Labor relations specialists work for companies under the supervision of a manager, providing a communication between the company’s labor force and its upper management. Typically, this involves a number of duties, such as scouting for background information on prospective new contracts in order to determine a good course of action for the company, negotiating a change in conditions with the company’s employees when it’s demanded from the management, as well as organizing the flow of resources towards the labor force.

Getting a job as a labor relations specialist requires a Bachelor’s degree in most cases – the particular subject of the degree can vary, though some of the most commonly accepted ones are business, administration, finances and management. The job offers a lot of room for professional development and usually ends with a promotion to a labor relations manager. Labor relations specialists often work in teams and are thus required to be efficient in a team environment, especially in some tighter conditions when the company is under a lot of pressure.

Labor relations specialists receive annual salaries of between $48,000 – $79,000. The job’s conditions are commonly regarded as acceptable though not ideal in most cases – one of the most frequent complaints is related to the frequent requirement to work extra long hours due to a particular problem that’s arisen in the company and needs to be addressed. Still, in most cases, labor relations specialists are able to secure lucrative promotions in due periods of time.