A management analyst is hired by companies to improve the state of their management, typically in times of severe difficulty when the company is facing management-related issues that they can’t resolve easily. The job of a management analyst is to perform a complete analysis of the company’s management structure, and identify the sources of any problems that have been identified, as well as suggest appropriate methods for the removal of these problems. Often, the management analyst would have to adjust their services to the company’s field of operations, e.g. an IT-based company.

Becoming a management analyst takes at least a Bachelor’s degree in most cases, with the accepted fields being management, economics, finances, and similar ones. The job can often be highly demanding, especially in cases of dealing with more complicated company structures that require more creative approaches for the resolution of their problems. Often, management analysts are required to work on some extremely tight deadlines, so a responsible approach to matters is crucial for one’s success.

The management analyst at a company can earn between $51,000 – $83,000, and the job tends to pay quite well for the amount of work typically involved. A management analyst will also have flexible working hours available to them, as well as various lucrative bonuses that can make the job an even more attractive choice for many people. The only downside associated with it is the infrequency of work, as management analysts tend to be hired on a per-case basis.