An occupational health and safety specialist is a specialist concerned with the safety practices within a company. The job of the occupational health and safety specialist is to perform regular check-ups on various buildings and other locations prone to accidents, analyzing all the factors related to the workplace safety in those locations, and providing advice on how to improve that safety and create a better working environment in those locations. Occupational health and safety specialists may go as far as to recommend staff changes in order to improve safety.

There’s a specific educational course for occupational health and safety specialists provided in most universities and colleges, and candidates for the position need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in that subject in order to find appropriate employment, especially since the market has become extremely crowded in recent time. The job requires a lot of attentiveness and the ability to evaluate multiple factors simultaneously with good enough precision, as well as a devoted personality.

The average annual salary of occupational health and safety specialists varies between $38,000 – $63,000, though the job offers plenty of potential for advancing in the career ladder and climbing to higher, better-paying positions. In most cases, the bonuses attached to the job are very good as well, and most employers are willing to make a lot of compromises for highly skilled occupational health and safety specialists, provided they manage to hold on to the job well enough too.