The job of an office receptionist is similar to that of an office clerk, though receptionists in an office are usually more concerned with dealing with the office’s clients. The receptionist must usually greet incoming clients and take in their orders or direct them to the appropriate section of the office. Additionally, office receptionists may be required to call in for a particular employee, or perform other small services for both the clients and the employees of that office. Office receptionists usually work in teams of 2-3 employees.

Becoming an office receptionist doesn’t take a high degree of education, and a high school diploma is usually enough to get the job. A swift nature and the ability to handle tasks quickly are essential, and a good office receptionist must also have a friendly, warm nature and be able to greet new customers appropriately and quickly direct them to the correct locations within the office. The office receptionist must also be open to any adjustments in their working schedule, as these aren’t so rare.

The salary of an office receptionist is mostly good for a receptionist’s job, going between $23,000 – $36,000 in most cases. The job has good working hours and more or less fine bonuses for the most part, though it can become very demanding in the busier hours and days of the office’s business. Additionally, the office receptionist is frequently tasked with some additional duties which can eat into their time and degrade their productivity, further making it a not very attractive choice.