An operations research analyst is hired to assess the operations of a company and determine if there are any ways they could be improved, as well as if the company’s business model in general can be improved. The particular duties of an operations research analyst include analyzing the company’s income and expenditures, determining if any of their clients could be utilized in more efficient agreements, as well as performing basic management of the company’s staff and internal organizational structure.

The job of an operations research analyst can be a very demanding one at times, especially when they’re hired to fix up a company’s operations and improve them over a set period of time. In general, a degree in finances, business, management or a related field would be required from candidates for the position, and prior working experience in the business field can be of benefit as well. Additionally, operations research analysts can find further employment very easily due to some of the perks of the job.

At any company, the operations research analyst would be very highly paid. The position is commonly compensated very well due to the immense amounts of effort attached to it at times, and the average annual salary goes between $96,000 – $115,000. In some cases, operations research analysts can paradoxically earn even more than the manager of the company they’re working for, and this type of situation isn’t even as uncommon as one would think.