A portfolio manager is hired by companies that produce some type of product or service, and is responsible for organizing that company’s portfolio – that is, the array of services provided by the company and the way they’re presented to potential clients. Typically, a portfolio manager would analyze the portfolio used by the company, and determine if any of the services are underperforming and what could be done to avert that. The portfolio manager would also try to put as much focus as possible on the good services that benefit the company and develop them even further.

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Becoming a portfolio manager takes a degree related to management or business administration, and a Bachelor’s would be enough to get hired in most cases. Some companies may actually require a Master’s degree from their candidates for the position, and the job can have some heavy demands on the employees as some companies’ portfolios are subject to constant change and see a lot of re-evaluation. In these cases, only highly qualified candidates usually make it.

Working as a portfolio manager can earn a salary of between $63,000 – $143,000, the precise number depending on a number of factors which are sometimes beyond the control of the portfolio manager him/herself. The job can be highly stressful in some cases, especially the ones mentioned above of more hectic periods that require more attentiveness from the portfolio manager, and impose a greater deal of workload on them.