A posting clerk works either at a post office, or the posting section of any company, and is responsible for taking care of the organization of letters and other materials going through that post. The posting clerk would typically accept incoming mail, sort it according to various criteria, as well as ensure that all the mail as its characteristics properly met – e.g. the address has been filled in correctly and the letter has all the necessary stamps attached to it. The posting clerk may also have to work with their superiors to sort out problems related to the post in some cases.

It’s not difficult to become a posting clerk, considering the job doesn’t hold any strict educational requirements and a high school diploma can be enough to get hired in most cases. The job isn’t very demanding in general, though this can often change in some busier periods when it starts taking a lot more effort from its practitioners, requiring them to sort through large amounts of mail in extremely short periods of time, often in close to impossible deadlines.

As a posting clerk, the typical salary one can earn is between $24,000 – $30,000. The job doesn’t have many benefits and bonuses typically attached to it, and it’s made even less attractive by the common lack of flexibility in the working hours. However, it does have some advantages in that it has a relatively low workload for the payment rewarded, and in general offers some moderately good prospects for advancing one’s career further.