A procurement clerk is a type of clerk who works in any company that frequently has to order materials and supplies from vendors. The procurement clerk is responsible for the organization of documents related to those purchases, e.g. filling out request forms, accepting packages and organizing them in their appropriate locations around the storage, as well as keeping in touch with employees to know when stocks are running low on a particular product or material. Procurement clerks often provide a link of communication between the company and its vendors.

Getting a job as a procurement clerk only takes a high school diploma in most cases, as the job doesn’t hold any high educational requirements or take a specific type of knowledge. The general skills required for performing it properly are a good sense of motivation, the ability to work fast, as well as knowledge of the service offered by the company’s different vendors and knowing how to best work with each of them in order to be as productive as possible for the company’s business.

A procurement clerk’s average annual salary is between $31,000 – $50,000. The job’s working hours are solid for the most part and have little to no room for adjustments, while the bonuses attached to the job aren’t high in general. On the other hand, sometimes procurement clerks are able to climb to good positions within their companies, and secure themselves better salaries and terms of employment. It mostly depends on the location of employment.