A recruiter is hired by a company with the responsibility of allocating new employees for that company, and testing them to ensure they fit the company’s operations well enough. A recruiter’s job usually involves a great deal of travel, going between good recruiting locations (such as colleges and universities) to advertise their company’s business and try to bring in some new applicants. A recruiter may also pick their applicants from the resumes that are sent in to the company, if there’s a good enough flow of those.

Most recruiters get their jobs with at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to human resources – i.e. HR management, sociology, economics, business management and administration, and others. Additional fields may be accepted depending on the company’s particular field of operations, and some employers may even be willing to hire recruiters without any educational qualifications, based solely on their experience and knowledge in the field – though this isn’t so common with most companies.

Recruiters earn between $30,000 – $57,000 a year, depending primarily on the place of their employment, though also on the recruiter’s experience to some extent. A good recruiter with a few years of experience behind their back should be able to find employment at a satisfying pay rate very easily, and the job market for the position isn’t that saturated in general. An exceptionally well-performing recruiter should also find it easy to dictate some terms in their contract and possibly negotiate a better salary, though this depends on candidates themselves.