A rental clerk works at a rental company and provides basic services related to that company’s operations. A rental clerk typically accepts incoming orders from clients and submits them to the proper department of the company, as well as organizes the company’s records in the department that employs the clerk. Additionally, rental clerks may provide direct service to customers, familiarizing them with all the options they’ve got available and ensuring they’re well-informed of their current opportunities for offers from the company.

The job of a rental clerk doesn’t take any special education, as most of the skills required for practicing it are attained in the course of employment. A personality dedicated to the course of work and able to cope with heavy workloads when necessary is required, as well as a good understanding of the rental process – and optionally, of that particular company’s operations. Rental clerks can also benefit from previous working experience in the rental industry, which can definitely boost one’s chances of getting hired.

The average annual salary of a rental clerk is between $17,000 – $28,000 which isn’t that high by most standards, but the job is a clerk-type one and those don’t tend to have high salaries attached to them in general. The working hours don’t have a great degree of flexibility to them either, and a rental clerk doesn’t typically see much in the way of bonuses and additional payment. Prospects for further development don’t tend to be that great either.