Sales representatives work at department stores, general stores and other places where merchandise is being sold, and represent the business of a particular company, demonstrating and selling their products to customers. Sales representatives are usually tasked with not only handling the actual purchases, but also advising customers on their choices and attempting to attract new consumers to the brand being represented. The job can involve offering samples at a department store, or working at a specialized counter.

A sales representative’s job is not difficult to obtain by any means, as it only requires a high school diploma and no professional qualifications. There are some personal characteristics sought after by most employers however, such as a friendly personality, and the ability to persuade people effectively without driving them away. It should also be noted that a sales representative has some good potential for advancing in the company’s career ladder due to the specific nature of the job.

The typical salary for a sales representative ranges between $30,000 – $51,000, and the job offers good prospects for further career development, giving access to some attractive spots in the marketing sector. On the other hand, it tends to have some unattractive, inflexible working hours attached to it and in general can be highly demanding on those who practice it, leading to a high turnover rate on the market.