Sales worker supervisors work at department stores and other locations where sales are being conducted, and are responsible for the organization and supervision of the sales representatives being employed there. Typically, sales worker supervisors roam around the store, ensuring all sales representatives are assisting customers like they should, and performing their duties normally. Additionally, the job may require the supervisor to train newcomers to the staff and issue penalties to those who’ve broken the conduct.

Sales worker supervisors usually get their jobs after having built up enough experience with the company, or working in companies’ sales departments in general. The job doesn’t require any high educational degrees, though having a Bachelor’s in management, finances or business administration can certainly help a candidate get the job. Additionally, a good sales worker supervisor must have a friendly, yet strict personality, in order to be able to keep their staff in check at all times.

The job of a sales worker supervisor can earn a salary of between $41,000 – $63,000, and there are various attractive bonuses attached to it which drive the appeal of the position quite highly in some cases. On the other hand, the fact that the requirements for the position vary greatly from one place of employment to the other have lead to a somewhat decreased appeal for the position – typically, one must research the market well before deciding to work as a sales worker supervisor, as the results can be quite variable.