A statistician is someone who works closely with statistics – this involves a variety of duties, from collecting data to analyzing it and organizing it into a more presentable manner. Statisticians find employment in a variety of sectors as the job is highly utilized for various purposes, mostly predicting the outcome of a particular business move or plan. For example, statisticians are commonly used in politics where they can help predict the outcome of an election and determine the factors that play in a candidate’s favor.

Becoming a statistician isn’t easy, and requires at least a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to mathematics – any mathematics degree will usually do, as well as of course specialized degrees in statistics. Additionally, statisticians are sometimes required to possess knowledge in other areas, which depends on the particular job they’re trying to get hired at. Those looking to work in the higher ranks of politics will need an appropriate degree related to the field to qualify, for example.

Statisticians typically earn between $50,000 – $93,000 in most cases. The job can be highly demanding in many situations, though those periods are usually compensated for by the employer. Additionally, statisticians usually see a lot of extra bonuses, and that’s without regarding the regular healthcare and other benefits first – in general, the job can be a very lucrative choice for mathematicians who want to utilize their potential to their fullest and get paid well for it.