A stock clerk is employed by department stores, retail stores and large-scale stores, as well as warehouses and generally any place where there’s a constant flow of supplies involved. The job of the stock clerk is to work with those supplies, arranging their transportation from the delivery dock to the stockroom and vice versa, as well as distributing them around the store on the appropriate shelves. Stock clerks are primarily tasked with preventing the underperformance of their store as they ensure the supply of products is always maintained.

It’s not difficult to get a job as a stock clerk, as there aren’t any high educational requirements attached to the job in general. In the most, one may need some prior working experience in retail or a similar location which would’ve provided some insight into the requirements for the job. However, the conditions associated with the job are commonly low, and stock clerks may find it difficult to maintain a single job for a long time due to that in some cases.

A stock clerk doesn’t earn very highly, which is typical for most retail jobs – the average annual salary is $15,000 – $24,000, and the job usually involves long working hours and little next to no bonuses and benefits. On the other hand, a stock clerk can usually progress within a store’s hierarchy very quickly and obtain better positions with relatively little effort, though it can take some time before they’ve got there. A good stock clerk would, on the other hand, have plenty of prospect for taking their career further.